‘Circular Material Systems’ collects circular practices in construction across Europe that contribute to keep materials in the value chain. By highlighting material as well as immaterial practices, a new architectural language emerges that is adapted to the age of the Anthropocene. In addition to the building analysis, circular practices were identified, aiming to offer practical steps and help for designers, construction clients and asset owners seeking to incorporate circular economy principles into their projects.

The project was the result of a research collaboration between Georg Hubmann and Vera van Maaren. They were teaching four seminars at TU Berlin between 2021-2023, presented papers at two conferences and one symposium, organised three exhibitions, were part of the New European Bauhaus Festival, made site-visits, and had many work meetings to make this possible. A big applause goes to all the 65 students who passionately contributed to the case studies.

Circular Berlin team provided valuable input for the case study content finalisation and practices description, as well as contributed to the realisation of the website.



Georg Hubmann
Vera van Maaren
Dina Padalkina, Circular Berlin


Alexey Kotegov, Alexia Bastard, Alexis Rolin, Ana Filipa Alvaneo, Andrew Parry, Ani Tashi, Anne Sophie Wilhelm, Benedikt Kurz, Benjamin Peralta, Charlotte Cioni, Christian Zimmermann, Dayana Adzhemova, Dennis Antiperovitch, Eléna Toth , Elisa Eagleton, Elmedina Ajvazaj, Eren Cavusoglu, Felix Exton-Smith, Gabriel Sigler, Gökce Senol, Jehad Waleed Abd Elrahem Taqatqa, Johannes Häufler, Jonas Möller, Juan Pablo Vaca Lago, Julia Freiin Rinck von Baldenstein, Katarzyna Maliszewska, Katrina Malinski, Kazuki Ohashi, Kevin Lehoux, Konrad Mothes, Laura Mysengsay, Leo David Luken, Lila Gouillaud, Lorenz Sedlmayr, Louis Mahiant, Lucas Rolim Carvalho Rodrigues Leite, Luisa Limbach, Lupus Siegert, Mairi Zountsa, Manon Ponthieu, Maria Domingo, Marie Quante, Marlon Theis, Matthew Straub, Natalia Garcia Medellin, Nina Koschmann, Nisa Kömürcü, Nora Kersting, Nouran Mansour, Pascal Müller, Paul Porath, Rahman Esfaqur , Susan Dodd, Valentin Suhr, Yasmin Sara Fennessy, Zhuoran Zhang, Ziran Mao


Gian Marco Morigi, Visual Identity
Max Mauracher, New Standard.Studio, Web Design
Julius Schaeufele, Concular, Website development
Circular Berlin team: Cristina Orizzonte, Jessamy Hardie, Jojo Shone, Susan Weide


We would like to thank the team of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA) for their financial support as part of the X-Student Research Programme as well as the Embassy of the Netherlands in Berlin, Concular, Madaster and the Material Mafia for their support. As well as IKEA Stiftung in the support for the website realisation.


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